Dona Barca your Ukelista
A Little Words About my Vision

My teaching Vision 🔮

Are you familiar with that?:

  • you got your toy of your choice, totally motivated by youtube, and other great artists?
  • and now you’re sitting in front of your toy, and nothing turns out, like you expected?
  • you hate reading musical notes?
  • you dislike constrains and regulations?
  • analytic, exact by book teaching lectures are nerds for you?

If you can say yes to all, you are right here!

I show you step by step the world of sounds.

Melody, rhythm, chords, tabs, techniques, and many more…

Are you ready to take off? 

A Music Institute Like No Other


I am a instructor and music therapist since 1997, lecture for many toys: Didgeridoo, Handpan, Flutes, NAF, Gongs, Ukulele, music therapy…

My top priority is always to convey everything with ease, and without brain salad. Music should be fun, connect and resonate with you. 

I want me/you:

  • to express
  • let go
  • be free
  • be connected in the community.

Anything else can still follow as soon as you understand exactly those points, and implement it with me.

As an intermediate Ukiplayer, and professional musician myself, I have so much musical knowledge to impart to you through my music therapy studies, and playing in several bands, plus CD productions:

  • I want to share my knowledge, experience and joy with you!
  • Offer you English + German instructions and PDF’s.
  • Do Q&A rounds.
  • Offer livestreams to jam and exchange experiences.
  • Building a community.

And last but not least, teach you how to play freely.

22 years of Handpan development, building, playing and distribution make me a perfect mentor for you, just check out my testimonals!

Dona Barca your Ukelista

I am happy to be your Travel companion

Dona Barca Ideenfabrikantin & Digital Marketer
Doña Barça
Handpan, Musictherapy, Ukulele Lecturer

If music is love, play on…William Shakespeare

If inside me there is no passion and creativity, please turn the lights off!

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